1. Skill:To help students to master diversified sports fundamental skills through physical education lessons and sports activities.
  2. Knowledge:To help students to learn knowledge and skills in different kinds of sports activities through PE e-hw and sports project report.
  3. Attitude:To empower students with potential in leadership to be sports leader and contribute to school team training. To arouse students' interest in sports so as to establish their habit of participating in sports activities. To facilitate students' sportsmanship and cooperation skill in social interaction.
  4. Sports training:To improve students' sports skills and sports psychological performance.

Main Focuses
  1. To arouse students' interest in sports by strengthening their knowledge on various sports games, and thus let them learn the correct values through participation of different activities and competitions.
  2. To encourage involvement of every student in sports at school by providing more opportunities in participating sports games.
  3. To apply IT teaching in PE lessons.