1. To empower students’ learning through e-learning.

2. Effective teaching through information technology


BYOD – Bring your own device (P.3 – P.6)

  1. Enables teachers to conduct various fun activities to enhance teaching and, more importantly, learning
  2. Increases the participation rate for any in-class activities
  3. Makes peer-evaluation more handy
  4. Elicits responses from every student, which helps the teachers to assess students’ understanding and abilities more easily
  5. Prepares students for further exploration and more advanced usage and application of information technology in this era of cyberspace

The use of eBooks (English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, General Studies and French/Japanese)

  1. Promotes self-directed learning outside of class
  2. Consolidates key focuses of each unit through interactive activities
  3. Provides the instant analysis of students’ performance in in-class activities