Reading (P.1)

Content: Reading activities.

Comprehensive Activities (P.1-2)

Content: Religious, Japanese, French and Go (圍棋).

Mathematical Olympiad Training (P.1-6)

Content: Introduction of Mathematical Olympiad.

Fencing (P.1-2)

Content: Introduction of fencing, basic skills and rules.

English Choral Speaking (P.2,5-6)

Content: English speaking and presentation skills.

St. Francis Children’s Choir (P.2-3)

Content: Students can praise the Lord and develop skills in large-ensemble choral music by singing hymns and service music. Students will also participate in inter-school choir music competitions.

Introduction of Video taking & Photography (P.3)

Content: Photography skills and digital photo making.

Putonghua Choral Speaking (P.3-4)

Content: Putonghua speaking and presentation skills.

Be a Comic Artist (P.3)
Ukulele (P.3-4)

Content: Introduction of ukulele

Girl Guide (P.3-6) / Boy Scout (P.4-6)
Writing Spark (1) (P.4) / Writing Spark (2) (P.5-6)

Content: Students will be trained in creative writing and speech writing, and have the opportunity to join various competitions.

The World of Science (P.4-6)

Content: Emphasis on theoretical and experimental learning. Filled in fun science hand-on experiments and games.

Rope Skipping (P.4)

Content: Introduction of rope skipping and basic skills.

A Cappella (P.4-6)

Content: Introduction of A Cappella.

中國語文菁英隊 (P.4-6)

內容:從創意寫作、編輯、演講、辯論等方面訓練學生。表現 優異者代表學校參加各項中文科比賽。

Hand Chime (P.5-6)

Content: Introduction of hand chime.

DIY Fun Fun Fun (P.5)

Content: Handicraft, creative and design activities.

e-Learning Academy

 Content: Promote students learning with computer and iPad.