1. Develop students' potential through extra-curricular activities and annual activities so as to establish their lifelong hobbies. 
  2. Develop excellence school teams’ performance by providing different training and participating in different inter-school competitions.
  3. Enhance students' self-confidence and sense of achievement through their participation in diversified competitions and performances. 
  4. Provide oversea educational tours to enhance students’ presentation and communication skills and explore different country cultures. 
  5. Enhance students’ reading opportunities through a school reading scheme.
Rules & Regulations for After-school Activities (2023-2024)
  1. Students must wear tidy uniforms to attend the activities punctually.
  2. Students have to bring along with them the student card for attendance.
  3. Students need to line up at the designated area (Basketball Court / Cover Playground) five minutes before the activity starts.
  4. Students are not allowed to enter the classrooms without the permission of the teachers.
  5. Students must obey the teachers’ instructions while participating in the activities.
  6. Students must not yell, talk, roam or run while ascending or descending the staircase and they must greet the teachers and guests when they meet them.
  7. After the activities, students are not allowed to stay on the campus without permission. Any students who want to wait for their brothers or sisters after the activities need to see Miss Yip Wai Ki to apply for a permit in advance.
  8. In order to assure the security of the school, parents are not allowed to enter the school campus. They are required to meet their children at the designated area.
  9. Students who need to wait for another lesson have to apply for a permit in advance from Miss Yip Wai Ki. 
  10. In case of inconvenience of transportation caused by bad weather in individual districts, parents can make a decision whether they would let their children attend the class.
  11. When the Typhoon Signal No.8 or above has been hoisted, or Red or Black Thunderstorm warning is issued, the activities would be suspended. The School Authority will arrange to make up for the lesson until further notice.
  12. Students should not be absent without a reasonable claim. Those who are absent from the activities, owing to emergency, should inform Miss Yip Wai Ki in advance and sick-leavers should phone the office before the lesson and a letter of absence should be submitted to the teacher concerned on the following day.
  13. All absences from the activities being informed and approved beforehand can be regarded as non-absentees.
  14. Students who have fulfilled the rate of 80% in attendance of the activity would be recorded on the school academic report.
  15. The School Authority reserves the right to expel the students, from the activity, who have committed any offensive or improper behavior despite being advised for times. Fees are not refundable.
  16. Students who want to quit during activities must be approved by the teachers and their names should be marked at the attendance recorded. Fees are not refundable.
  17. Fees being paid and confirmed are non-refundable.
  18. Update information of the difference of the items Group will be announced on the school web for reference.

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